Sermon outline on Galatians 5:1

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. [Galatians 5:1]   This is probably a short verse we take 1 second to read. But there is actually more to it. Below is the sermon outline from the recent sermon… Continue reading Sermon outline on Galatians 5:1

Book review: Coffee gives me super powers (Ryoko Iwata)

Title: Coffee gives me super powers Author: Ryoko Iwata Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing     Hands up if anyone reading this post does not know what is coffee.   This is a light-hearted book filled with fun facts about coffee. From the first page to the last page,  the reader can sense how passionate the… Continue reading Book review: Coffee gives me super powers (Ryoko Iwata)

Book review: Mt Fuji

Title: Mt Fuji Publisher: Seiseisha publishing co ltd Photographer: Shigeki Yamashita I believe Mount Fuji of Japan (affectionately called Fujisan by the Japanese) needs no introduction. During one of my trips to Japan, I had a quick glimpse of Mount Fuji when I took the bullet train (shinkansen) from Nagoya to Tokyo. My camera did… Continue reading Book review: Mt Fuji

United Kingdom travel: Sir, this is your change — in coins

This incident took place during my visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. I was on my way to Royal mile when I passed by a restaurant. The price of the set lunch promotion attracted me. So I decided to have my lunch in that restaurant. The food was of average standard. Anyway this is not… Continue reading United Kingdom travel: Sir, this is your change — in coins

Book review: Secret Tokyo

Title: Secret Tokyo Authors: Pierre Mustiere and Yoko Kera Publisher: Jonglez publishing The introduction got my attention. I thought the online travel guides are comprehensive enough to cover the different places in Tokyo. Yet the authors show that there are more, and indeed the places they introduce in the book are probably unknown to many.… Continue reading Book review: Secret Tokyo

Book review: Dreaming Bhutan (Nicole Grace)

Title: Dreaming Bhutan Author: Nicole Grace Publisher: Mani Press Bhutan, aka land of the thunder dragon, is a reclusive landlocked country situated between China and India, and best known for her happy citizens. I have heard about it, read about it, but never been there. This book is a compilation of pictures the author took… Continue reading Book review: Dreaming Bhutan (Nicole Grace)