Assembling for inspection parade

Many years ago when I was serving in the army as a conscript, the instructions were relayed in a top-down approach, layer by layer, and in the process the instructions underwent changes. The below is a typical scenario. MAJ A (coy commander) to his platoon commanders, “Gather the men tomorrow at 0800h for an inspection… Continue reading Assembling for inspection parade

The difference between off and leave

When I was serving in the army as a conscript, I had 14 days of annual leave, and sometimes I would be given 1 day off. Initially I could not understand the difference between leave and off, because they were subjected to approval when I submitted the application. To me it just meant I need… Continue reading The difference between off and leave

The trainee with tattoo

After my recruit training, I was posted to another unit for my army vocation training. The facilities in the unit were very bare. For example the bathing room was basically a row of shower-heads. There were neither cubicles nor doors, so everyone could see everyone’s body while bathing.   Once, after a night training that… Continue reading The trainee with tattoo