I miss the old MacGyver show

I was still schooling when MacGyver was first aired some 25 years ago. It was not so much of the storyline that caught my attention. I was particularly fascinated by the scientific knowledge of MacGyver and making devices out of the materials on hand with his Swiss army knife. Sometimes I would wonder if those… Continue reading I miss the old MacGyver show

Interesting TV ads on Japanese TV

When I was in Japan, I saw some interesting TV ads. Usually I would watch some TV programs at night before sleeping. The thing about TV ads is sometimes one does not really need to understand the language to know the selling point of the ads. TV ads show the creativity of its producers, and… Continue reading Interesting TV ads on Japanese TV

Assembling for inspection parade

Many years ago when I was in the army, the instructions were relayed in a top-down approach, layer by layer, and in the process the instructions underwent changes. The below is a typical scenario. MAJ A (coy commander) to his platoon commanders, “Gather the men tomorrow at 0800h for an inspection parade.” LTA B (one… Continue reading Assembling for inspection parade