More than textbook knowledge

When I look back at my schooldays, I realized that the school is not just a place for textbook knowledge. Some organizations collaborated with the school to educate us in certain areas too.   In primary school, We were taught the correct way to brush our teeth – vertically, not horizontally – and to choose… Continue reading More than textbook knowledge

Children’s day celebration in school

We used to celebrate Children’s day in school on the last weekday of September. It was a break from the year-end exam preparations and there would be no classes on that day. The students would assemble for flag-raising and proceed to the hall. There would be a string of performances waiting for us, usually a… Continue reading Children’s day celebration in school

Birthdays in school

When I was in pri sch, the class would occasionally receive a pleasant surprise – candies. The treat could be from the teacher for Children’s day celebration. It could also be from a classmate who was celebrating his/her birthday. In appreciation, the class would sing the birthday song. It was a simple birthday celebration. Things… Continue reading Birthdays in school

No change needed

The young king summoned his premier to his presence.   “Premier, it has been some time since you took up this position. Do you have in mind any new policy to propose?” “No, Sire.” “How about revisions or improvements to the present policies?” “No, Sire. The present policies are working fine.” “Premier, I am beginning… Continue reading No change needed