Book review: Royal London (John Cleave)

Title: Royal London

Photographer: John Cleave

Introductions: Roger Williams

Publisher: Didier Millet

The book opens with an introduction of Queen Elizabeth arriving at Buckingham palace and the buildings her coach would pass by, and their links to the history of the United Kingdom. Then the writer gives a brief history of the country, from the arrival of the Romans to the arrival of the Normans (William I the Conqueror), then to the House of Tudor, and to the House of Windsor (present royal family), and some of the buildings or memorials that are linked with the kings and queens of the past eg Windsor Castle was occupied by the royals during the Norman era, and Kensington Palace witnessed the birth of Queen Victoria.

The rest of the book introduces the buildings and memorials, dating back many centuries ago, associated with the royalty, such as the Tower of London and Royal opera house. The book contains many beautiful pictures and a short caption accompanying each picture, making it a pleasure to read, as there is minimal reading.

Despite the wonderful information and history of those buildings, this book is not meant to be a travel guide, it lacks information such as opening hours, how to get there, and entrance fees. But for readers who are interested in architecture and history it can be a good source for planning a visit to London. I tried to map a few spots, the book listed many more.

PS: I borrowed this book from the library. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.


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