Book review: Twelve unlikely heroes (John MacArthur)

Title: Twelve unlikely heroes
Author: John MacArthur
Publisher: Nelson Books

What is a hero? In our modern society a soccer player who scores an impressive goal is regarded as a hero. So is a celebrity or pop star. John MacArthur disagrees. He believes the greatest heroes are those used by God for His glory, and created eternal impact. He points the readers to the Bible to consider some characters.

John MacArthur offers 12 names from the Old Testament and New Testament. He then elaborates why they are heroes despite their flaws, and what lessons we can learn from them. Some are more well-known characters, and the readers familiar with the Bible can easily identify them as heroes eg Joseph and Gideon. Some are also well-known characters but hardly come across as heroes eg Jonah and James. Some are lesser-known characters, and it is interesting to read why they are heroes.

The 12 biblical characters, not in any order, are

  1. Enoch
  2. Joseph
  3. Miriam
  4. Gideon
  5. Samson
  6. Jonathan
  7. Jonah
  8. Esther
  9. John the Baptist
  10. James
  11. Mark
  12. Onesimus

Of the 12, I find Enoch to be most intriguing. This character is only given a few verses of description in the Bible, yet John MacArthur is able to defer his character and attitude towards God and life.

I find this book very insightful, and the stories of the 12 heroes remind me again how important it is to have faith in God.

PS: I borrowed this book from the library. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.



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