China travel: 200 RMB Swiss watch

Many years ago when I visited Kunming, the provincial city of Yunnan, China, I went into a shop selling watches. The salesman showed me a few watches and quoted prices ranging from 200 RMB to 400 RMB. Those were nice looking watches but I was stranger to the brands. So I asked him if he had other brands. He then took out a watch of a Swiss brand that I heard of for some of my friends owned a watch of that brand. He quoted me 200 RMB. It was a

T*g H***r (brand masked as no intention of advertising here). I am not familiar with the watch models of that brand but I was sure that 200 RMB was too low. I left the shop immediately.
The travel guides, online articles and books, I read before the trip warned about counterfeits, but I thought it would be those street peddlers or those mobile temporary stalls. I did not expect to see a shop selling counterfeits in such an open manner. I hope things have improved over the years.


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