Street art murals in Georgetown, Penang

One of the things that attracted me to visit Georgetown, the capital of the island Penang in Malaysia, a couple of years ago was the street art murals. I was particularly attracted by those painted by Ernest Zacharevic. They looked so impressive even on pictures.


Unfortunately I chose a wrong time to visit Penang. The sky was gloomy when we left the airport. The driver waited for us while we checked into the hotel. Then he took us to the district within the old town where a number of the murals could be found. It was drizzling by then but that did not stop us. Armed with an umbrella, we walked around the lanes looking for the murals. In a way it was fun, like a treasure hunt. Surprisingly there were other tourists doing the same thing in the rain.


Other than Ernest Zacharevic, there were also many nice wall paintings by other artists. It was not hard to locate the murals. When we got near to a mural, there would usually be a group of tourists posing with the murals, so we simply walked towards them and waited for our turn to take photos of the wall paintings. But some of the murals were located inside a shop and so we had to patronize the shop to be able to get close enough to take pictures of those murals. The hard part was calling the driver later to pick us up as I had to look for the road sign or some prominent landmark for him to find us.


Due to the wet weather, the pictures, sadly, did not turn out well. For those keen on seeing the murals, please note that some of the wall paintings were already fading, such as the boy on motorcycle by Ernest Zacharevic, when I was there so I am not sure what is left by now.



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