Book review: Bridget Jones: The edge of reason (by Helen Fielding)

Title: Bridget Jones: The edge of reason

Author: Helen Fielding

Publisher: Picador


This novel is written in the form of a diary. It starts with the lead character, Bridget Jones, feeling excited because she was in a relationship for 4 weeks and 5 days with a man named Mark Darcy. Bridget Jones was happy that she no longer had to spend Valentine Day alone. She could not stop thinking about Mark for a moment, constantly hoping to receive his call. When he did not call her, she would call him but, unfortunately, it happened to be the times when Mark was busy at work. Later she also realized that there were some differences between them, such as the political party they supported. She turned to self-help books hoping to seek answers and advice on how to secure the relationship.


Things did not always go right for Bridget Jones. Firstly, her relationship with Mark was, sadly, short-lived. When she saw Mark together with Rebecca, a woman she and her friends dislike, she felt insecure and her girlfriends advised her to end the relationship with Mark. After the split, Bridget Jones hoped to patch up with Mark. Secondly, at work, Bridget Jones was not in the good books of her supervisor and she tried to prove herself. She managed to interview Colin Firth, an actor she idolized, hoping to use it as a chance to show off to her supervisor. But the interview did not go well. Thirdly, Bridget Jones engaged a contractor to construct an extension to her flat. But after knocking an 8ft hole in the wall, the work came to a halt and she was unable to contact the contractor. Fourthly, later in the story, Bridget Jones decided to go for a holiday to Thailand with her friend. She was detained by the Thai authorities for drugs-related offences and had to stay in prison while investigations went on. I will leave it to interested readers to find out the ending for the above situations and other situations not mentioned.


This is the sequel to Bridget Jones’s diary by Helen Fielding. The 2 stories were also made into movies. There are some minor differences in the story between the novel and movie but I do not think those would affect enjoyment of this novel. As mentioned above, it is written in a diary form, the entries are short so it makes for easy reading. Though the year of this diary is not stated, I believe it is 1997 as there are brief mentions on Tony Blair becoming the new prime minister and the death of Princess Diana.


The main theme for this story is relationships: friends, family, and lovers. The relationship between Bridget Jones and Mark holds central place in this novel. Bridget Jones’ ex-lover came looking for her, after her breakup with Mark, wanting to patch up but she still had feelings for Mark. For her family, Bridget Jones’ parents had some misunderstandings but those were later resolved. She had difficulties trying to understand her mum’s antics and somehow Mrs Jones seemed to call up at the inappropriate time such as when Bridget Jones was in a meeting, causing some annoyance. For her friends, her circle of girlfriends was at the verge of breaking up when one of them wanted to marry a man against their advice as they believe the man was vile. I think in some ways the story of Bridget Jones reflects some situations we face.


PS: I borrowed this book from the library. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.


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