Taking the shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka

My first ride on the shinkansen (bullet train) was from Kyoto to Osaka. After hearing from many people how great a ride in the bullet train was, I decided it would be a regret not to try it out. We reserved our seats beforehand, so there was no worry about seats.


My first impression of Kyoto Station was it is a very big building with many shops spreaded across several levels, selling food, gifts, magazines, and so on. There are also hotels and mega-stores in the station. It would take probably a day to fully explore the building. We had a quick breakfast at one of the cafes before entering the gate.


Kyoto Station is big for another reason. There are several gates as the station houses a few train lines: JR, shinkansen, subway, and other rails. We followed the signs to find the shinkansen gate then we showed our tickets to the station master at the shinkansen gate to enter. After entering the gate, the next challenge was finding the correct track as printed on the tickets. Then it was to find the correct platform and wait for the bullet train to arrive. There was a big electronic board displaying the train numbers of the trains arriving so that commuters would not board the wrong train.


I was very excited when the shinkansen (bullet train) arrived. It looked exactly like what I saw on TV and internet with its distinctive nose. When the train stopped, the commuters on the platform would wait for the commuters to alight, there was no rush to board. We found our allocated seats easily. The train left Kyoto Station on the dot, exactly at the time printed on the tickets. The train inspector appeared shortly to validate our tickets. 15 minutes later, we were in Osaka. But it was the Shin-Osaka Station thus we had to transfer to the JR train to reach Osaka Station.


To conclude it was a comfortable and lovely train ride from Kyoto to Osaka by shinkansen though the scenery was, sadly, nothing awesome.


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