Hong Kong travel: Visiting a night market in Hong Kong


I visited a night market when I visited Hong Kong many years ago. If I remember correctly it was at Temple Street. There were many stalls and they lined the street selling street food, shirts, toys, souvenirs, and so on. There were many people so it took a while to walk from one end to the other end. Some products were probably more popular as I saw several stalls selling them. But for the same product, the stalls near the entrance and the stalls in the middle of the street might quote different prices, with a difference of a few HK dollars.

I noticed the stall owners were armed with a calculator. The calculation not only performed math calculations, it also served as a communication tool during bargaining (bargaining is allowed and expected in the night markets). For customers unfamiliar with the local tongue, the stall owners simply

punch the selling price into the calculator and show it to the customer. The customer would then punch the amount he is willing to pay. This would go on until a deal is made or both parties decide they should move on.

When I walked past some food stalls, there was this terrible stench. I do not know whether it was due to a blockage at the drain nearby. I only wanted to walk away fast.

For those planning to visit Hong Kong and its night markets, please note that some stall owners do not allow photo taking of their stalls and some stall owners are unfriendly. Nevertheless it was an interesting visit for me.

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