Salamanca market in Hobart

I timed my stay in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, such that I would be able to visit Salamanca market. The Salamanca market operates only on Saturday mornings. It was a cold morning when I visited the market and I noticed many people holding a cup of hot drink. So I ordered a cup of hot coffee from one of the stalls. It was a very comfortable feeling having the cup of hot coffee in my hands on that cold morning.


There were many stalls in the Salamanca market and they were well-segmented. On one side were stalls selling fresh vegetables and fruits. On the other side were stalls selling handicrafts and toys. Then there were also stalls selling food such as sandwich and pizza. Some stalls, mainly those selling handicrafts and toys, operated in a tent. Some stalls, mainly those selling coffee, operated from a van. There were many things to see in the market. As I walked along the road, I also saw buskers singing and clowns performing juggling. It was a very busy place, as though the people of Hobart had gathered there that morning.


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