Certainly no snakes

If there is one thing I cannot forget about Rotorua, New Zealand, it is the air. I still remember the moment we got out of the car, the Sulphur-filled air greeted us. Our first response was to quickly run to the hotel to get away from the smell. I had read about it in the travel guides beforehand, but smelling it was a different story. I cannot think of a suitable word to describe the smell lest I end up using an offensive word, so I would just say it was unpleasant. Thankfully the nose got used to it after a while and we could joke about it during our short stay in Rotorua. The joke was Rotorua is certainly a place free from snakes due to the Sulphur — until we learnt that there are no snakes in New Zealand.


#rotorua #newzealand






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