Book review: Unstoppable (by Nick Vujicic)

Title: Unstoppable

Author: Nick Vujicic

Publisher: WaterBrook Press


The author, Nick Vujicic, is born without arms or legs. This is his 2nd book. The theme of the book is faith. The message is “putting faith into action”. Nick Vujicic starts off the book with a narration of a crisis he once faced: rejected entry into USA. Failing to convince the immigration office, there was nothing he could do except to pray. He activated his friends to pray regarding the situation and, miraculously, a few hours later he received a call from the immigration office to collect his renewed visa. Nick Vujicic attributes this to putting his faith in God into action.


The various chapters in the book talk about very difficult circumstances one might face in life such as financial crisis, job challenges, health issues, being bullied in school, anxiety about singleness, and so on. I like the chapter where Nick Vujicic shares his love story. It is amazing how love between him and his wife developed as there was a period when it seemed to be a lost cause. I will leave it to the interested reader to read that chapter to find out more.


Throughout the book, Nick Vujicic encourages the reader to put faith in God and not to lose hope when facing challenging situations. He does not claim to have quick-fix solutions, nor does he make exaggerated claims, but to encourage the reader to have faith. Using stories from his personal experiences and his friends, Nick Vujicic shows how one can be unstoppable when faith in God is put into action. I find the words and tone he uses very sincere and positive.


If you find yourself struggling more than usual with a challenge, my recommended recovery plan is to lean with gratitude on those who care about you, be patient with your tender feelings, do your best to understand the realities versus the emotions at play, and put your faith into action.


My review for his first book, Life without limits, is at



PS: I borrowed this book from the library. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.


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