Packing for Mount Ophir

When I was packing for my mountain climbing trip to Mount Ophir, my friend gave me some advice. He told me to travel light so as to conserve my energy for the climb. For example he told me to prepare only 1 big bottle of water. I was quite shocked as it certainly did not sound enough, given the hot weather. He explained we could replenish the water supply from the spring and he would be bringing water purification tablets along. That certainly reduced some weight from the backpack. He also reminded me to bring clothes that I no longer want so that I could dispose them after the climb. That was a very sound piece of advice as the shirts were soaked with my sweat and stank, so I was very glad to throw them away after the climb. Moreover there were some cuts from the thorns and twigs during the climb.


But somehow the backpack still felt pretty heavy.


My post on the experience on climbing Mount Ophir is at


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