City sightseeing bus

I am thankful that most of the cities I have visited so far have sightseeing bus services. Such bus services are usually designed for tourists and the routes would cover most of the attractions in the city. They made my travelling a lot easier. In different cities, they are run by different operators and thus, understandably, have different rules. Let me cite 2 examples.

In Sydney, Australia, I took the city sightseeing bus, aka hop-on-hop-off bus. I purchased a 24 hour ticket allowing me to board the bus anytime within the 24 hour period. I remember it was a double-decker. I chose to sit on the upper deck to have a better view of the scenery along the road. It allowed me to visit places such as the Sydney fish market, Sydney Opera House, the rocks, very easily.  As it is a loop service, I alighted at the stops I wanted and boarded again at the same bus stop later. I only wish the service does not end so early.

In Kyoto, Japan, the city sightseeing bus is better known as the Raku bus. I remember the bus was a single-decker, and passengers had the option to buy a day-pass or pay by per trip. I opted for the Raku bus instead of the subway as I wanted to see the scenery along the road. The Raku bus service covered the popular sights in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Ginkaku-ji Temple. I would say the Raku bus is very popular and it can be crowded at times. It is not a loop service. It starts from the Kyoto bus terminal and ends at a specific destination, depending on the Raku bus service taken. I had to take the bus at the opposite bus stop to return to the bus terminal.

Please note that this post is not meant to be an advertisement for the sightseeing bus services mentioned above. I would suggest readers keen to use the sightseeing bus services for their travels to do some research first, such as the service standard and the routes, because I have read of tales such as the bus not turning up as expected.


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