How I reserved my seats on JR trains

When I was planning my Japan trip on the various sites to visit with the JR pass, my mate suggested that I write down all the information needed instead of just point A to point B, so that it would be easier when making the bookings at the JR station. When I reached Japan, I realized what she meant. There was a little language issue to overcome. But luckily with the details already written down, the process was quite smooth even with the language issue as the ticketing personnel simply followed the information I had written. So if you are going to reserve seats with the JR pass, maybe you would like to record the following information to pass to the ticketing personnel.


date train number start point and time end point
5 jan 2016 SHINKANSEN HIKARI 507 Tokyo (09:33) Kyoto


You can obtain the above information using websites such as hyperdia.


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