Buying Manuka honey in New Zealand

Many years ago when we were planning for the New Zealand trip, my friend mentioned he would like to buy Manuka honey. Initially I thought that was a brand of honey. He explained it is a special type of honey with herbal effects and it is produced only in New Zealand. So I included a visit to a bee farm in our itinerary. The bee farm we visited at Taupo had a wide range of honey products in its store but there was no Manuka honey. So we headed to the supermarket in the city so that he could buy the Manuka honey. There were many brands of honey on the shelves, and for each brand different types of honey. Even for Manuka honey there were different types (grades). Not knowing which one to buy, all of us took a few jars, and started reading and comparing the information on the labels. In the end he made the choice based on the price tag.

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