Book review: Life without limits (by Nick Vujicic)

Title: Life without limits

Author: Nick Vujicic

Publisher: Doubleday



The author, Nick Vujicic, is born without arms or legs. He overcame this disability and is now a motivational speaker with speaking engagements in many parts of the world. In this book Nick Vujicic shares his life story, experiences, and some advice on how to live a life without limits. Nick Vujicic writes in a way as though he is talking to the reader, and the reader can easily sense the warmth and friendliness in his words.

In the earlier chapters he recounts the challenges he faced, both physical and emotional. We may not relate directly to his physical challenges but I believe we can identify with those emotional challenges such as worries on employment and marriage. As Nick Vujicic shares his life story and experiences, he also shares

how his Christian faith has helped to push on in life and eventually overcoming those challenges. I think this part is his testimony of God. Please note that he does not preach or discuss doctrines in this book. His focus is on giving the reader confidence that the reader can live a positive life and overcome various challenges.

In the later chapters Nick Vujicic shares some practical tips he has used on how to live a ridiculously good life. He uses mainly his experiences as examples. I feel that he is neither risk-averse nor change-averse. Daring to take risks and changes might be what a lot of us need to put his tips to use.

It is clear that Nick Vujicic is a man with a positive attitude and positive outlook of life, and throughout this book he tries to plant positive thoughts into the minds. Indeed such positive thoughts are also what one needs when going through a rough patch.


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PS: I borrowed this book from the library. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.


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