The first time I voted

2006. A year of national election. The first time a contest took place in the area I stayed after many years of walkovers. Lightning vs Hammer. Also the first time I got to vote.

Posters of the candidates from both parties were hanged on the lampposts so that the residents knew who were standing for election. But that was not all. The candidate from Lightning came knocking at my door to shake my hand and introduced himself. The candidates from Hammer stationed themselves at the neighborhood train station to distribute flyers. I still remember seeing pictures of the massive turnout at the rallies organized by Hammer. Initially I was skeptical and thought those were forged pictures but my colleagues who attended one of the rallies told me the turnout was really that huge. I did not attend any rally and I got my information about what was said at the rallies from the newspapers. I later found out I had missed the most exciting part of a national election.

On polling day I made my way to the designated polling station. The presiding officer verified my particulars and passed me a ballot card after marking my attendance. I made my choice on the ballot card and slotted the card into the polling box. Then all that was left was to wait for the results. Without any surprise, Lightning won.


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