The lifelong class

Life is like attending a class. The teacher is Jesus. In a big class with so many names, it is amazing how the teacher remembers the names. The teacher teaches with a textbook printed with the words “Holy Bible” on the cover. Some students are very hardworking and they understand the textbook well. Some students hardly touch the textbook. But it seems there is no favoritism. When a student raises the hand the teacher will try to answer the questions regardless of the student’s performance in class.

I have mixed feelings about the lessons. Some lessons are fun and I wish for them to be longer. For some lessons, I wish the teacher can end them fast. But it seems that the teacher has his plans on the duration of each lesson whether I like it or not. What I dread most are the tests. Sometimes I am angry with the teacher for setting the tests to be so tough. When I am stuck in a test, not knowing how to proceed, I would raise my hand and look up to the teacher. The teacher does not slip out the class when we are doing the test, nor does he sit in a corner with folded arms. He would walk up to me and ask if I need any help. Though he does not give me the answers, he sets me on the right track to proceed.

At the end of the day when the class ends, I will go home.


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