Dual boot for the pc

During my last year in college, we were assigned to a computer lab and with 2 students sharing 1 pc. I had no problem with that as my partner preferred to use his laptop so I was the one using the pc most of the time. One of the guys (let’s call him X) had a little problem with the arrangement. He needed to run his project on Linux but his partner needed to use Windows. They decided to set up the pc for dual boot and install Linux on one partition and Windows on the other partition. This way, both of them can use that pc for their projects.

X spent the next morning setting up the Linux partition, installing the printer drivers, configuring the pc for his project and so on. He was very happy when he was done. Then he proceeded to install Windows in the other partition. That was when he suddenly screamed. The message on the screen from the Windows installation process said it had detected another OS in the computer and would proceed to format the hard disk. That meant his efforts for the entire morning was wasted, as he needed to set up the Linux partition again after setting up the Windows partition.


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