G’s wedding

7 December 2014. Sunday. I attended G’s wedding held in the neighboring city in the north. He had chartered 2 buses to ferry some friends and relatives to the place, so transport was not an issue for me. We reached the church before 10am. The church ceremony was simple. I remember the flower girl, around 4 years old, was probably frightened by the crowd and refused to move. Her parents had to coax her to move down the aisle so that the bride and her father could proceed. The pastor gave a humorous message related to marriage before conducting the exchange of marriage vows and ring exchange ceremony. The special ritual was G and his wife holding a candle each to lit a big candle, signifying they are now 1 big candle instead of 2 small candles. G and his wife also sang a song on stage. I think they can consider joining the church choir after some training. The lunch reception was held at a nearby restaurant. It was a grand restaurant and the food was fabulous. There were also singers on stage to keep us entertained. The hosts, of course, did not let the bridegroom off so easily during the lunch. He was made to describe their first date, where they went, what they talked about, and so on. G has a good memory. After a fabulous lunch, the buses sent us back. The rain and slow traffic resulted in a 2-hour return trip.


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