Bridge to salvation

Man is separated from God. There is a wide gulf between Man and God. Thankfully all is not lost. There is a bridge in-between. There are 8 building blocks that make up this bridge. In order to cross this bridge a person must believe in the truth of the 8 components.

  1. There is only one God. He is the Creator of heavens and earth. He is also the Judge.
  2. Man is created by God, and Man is accountable to God when he sees God.
  3. Sin came into this world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the fruit that God said they should not eat. We inherited this sinful nature from Adam and Eve. Sin is disobeying God, or not reaching God’s standards. With sin comes punishment.
  4. The punishment for sin is death. When a person breathed his last on this earth, he dies physically but he will still need to face God’s judgement. We are unable to escape this judgement on our own, and we will face eternal separation from God.
  5. Jesus is the Son of God. He is the only way to heaven where God is. Our works is not good enough to earn a place to heaven.
  6. When Jesus died on the cross, His blood cleansed our sins. We should be the ones to die on the cross for our sins, yet Jesus took the punishment for us. He has no sin thus only His blood can cleanse our sins so that we are clean enough for heaven.
  7. Faith is what we need to receive this gift and passport to heaven. This gift cannot be earned by our works. If our works can enable us to go to heaven, Jesus need not die on the cross for us. We do not deserve this gift; it is given to us by God’s grace.
  8. The last building block of this bridge is the promise of eternal life. Jesus rose again 3 days after His death, showing His power over death. Thus we can be sure of His promise of salvation and eternal life to His followers.



Adapted from “The way to joy: pursuing basic steps to discipleship”, Sow and Harvest International.


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