Imagining 21st century

I remember when I was in primary school during 1980s, there was once my English teacher asked the class to imagine what the world would be like in the new century. At that time, the idea of transiting from 20th century to 21st century, or a new millennium, sounded very exciting, though at that time it sounded very far away. I vaguely remember some of the interesting stuff some classmates said.

  • Motorcars would be replaced by space cars, cars that float and without wheels
  • Robots would do work for us
  • Mankind would travel to outer space for holiday
  • Our diet would consists of pills, to replace fruits, meat, and vegetables
  • End of the world in 2000

Looking back I would say it was an interesting lesson. And for those who had expected the world to end during the transition to the new millennium, sorry to disappoint you.







2 thoughts on “Imagining 21st century

  1. It’s so funny how sure everyone was that Flying Cars were the next big thing, and not that far away. And now we’re more worried about self-driving cars or clean energy cars, and even the smallest developments seem worlds and millions of dollars away.


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