My favorite book

When I was in primary school, my favorite storybook was the Encyclopedia Brown series. It was about a boy detective solving mysteries in his neighborhood. The mysteries could be criminal cases or disputes in the neighborhood. It seemed that nothing was too hard for the boy detective to solve. In a way it was a detective story but simpler in plot than Sherlock Holmes. I tried to solve the mysteries but I would end up flipping to the last section to get the answers. And the answers would sometimes be so simple that I wondered why I did not manage to solve it. For example, I remember there was a story of a contest of who could drink the sourest drink. It was a hot day and one boy was sucking ice cubes to cool himself. He was later the champion. But Encyclopedia Brown pointed out to the judges that the champion had cheated by sucking ice cubes and that numbed his taste buds. It is really a simple answer, is it not?






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