Fundraising by the school

I attended a government-funded school, meaning the school received funding from the government to operate. Thus I, together with many classmates, was puzzled when the teacher gave us 2 cards each to raise funds for the school. Each card had 2 columns for the donor to fill in the name and amount, and there were 20 rows. The teacher instructed us to fill up the 2 cards and return to him by a certain date. Seriously I did not like that but we had no say and could only follow the instructions.


I brought the cards to a family gathering and asked my relatives to help. In the end, 1 card was around half-filled, the other was around 1/3-filled. I thought that was good enough and returned it to the teacher. A certain classmate’s father was generous enough to donate $50 and signed off the 2 cards; so she did not have to go around asking for donations. Another classmate filled the 2 cards with 40 names and each name donating $0.05. He was scolded by the teacher who then gave him another card to fill up by anther deadline.


Thankfully my cards were accepted.


I would like to hear from you :D

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