Wind and sea obey Him

Matthew 8:23-27 and Mark 4:35-41 tell the story of Jesus and His disciples encountering a storm in the sea, and how Jesus rebuked the sea and wind. This post is about some of my thoughts as I read the story.


  • It was a great windstorm and the waves were filling up the boat. I guess that implies the boat was about to sink.
  • Jesus was asleep in the stern, unaffected by the tossing. I would have thought the stern, being at the end, felt the impact the most.
  • The disciples cried out for help and they sounded desperate. Among them were seasoned fishermen such as Peter. Surely they faced similar situations before and knew how to handle it. But this storm seemed too great for them.
  • With the raging storm, they were probably shouting to making themselves audible.
  • Jesus chided them for the lack of faith, not for disturbing His sleep.
  • Jesus sounded composed and calm, a strong contrast to the disciples’ reaction.


At times when faced with a crisis, we question why God did not do anything. But when we cried out to Him for help, He will not ignore for He is with us.


I would like to hear from you :D

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