A medley for the farewell event

I remember when news of the school principal transferring to another post in the ministry broke out, some teachers came up with the idea of a farewell event for her. Some groups were asked to present on stage. Our uniformed group was tasked to present an item too. The seniors made the decision to present a skit, and we, the juniors, had to sing a song for a particular segment. I still remember it was a very long song, and we had to practise many times to get the lyrics into our heads. Though we were not of choir quality, I think our presentation was presentable.


I have forgotten most parts of the song but thankfully there is the internet to assist for this post. It was when I searched for the song that I realized that the seniors took stanzas from 3 different songs to form the song aka a medley. Below is the medley we sang, to the best of my memory.


[A stanza from “By the light of the silvery moon“]

By the light of the silvery moon

I want to spoon

To my honey I’ll croon love’s tune

Honey moon, keep a-shining in June

Your silvery beams will bring love’s dreams

We’ll be cuddling soon

By the silvery moon

[Transition to a stanza of “Moonlight Bay“]

We were sailing along on Moonlight Bay

We could hear the voices ringing

They seemed to say

“You have stolen her heart”

“Now don’t go away”

As we sang love’s old sweet song on Moonlight Bay

[Transition to a stanza of “Pearly Shells“]

Pearly Shells, from the ocean.

shining in the sun, covering up the shore

When I see them my heart tells me that I love you,

More than all the little pearly shells.


I would like to hear from you :D

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