The suspicious-looking package

After the final exams in the college, I went for a holiday with some friends aka graduation trip. We spent around 2 weeks touring the land of kiwi birds. It was a good trip. We wished to stay longer but we were running out of money. Ironically when the plane touched down at the airport, my first thought was “home”.


Clearing the customs was a breeze. Just when we were about to leave the restricted zone, an officer stopped one of my friends, Mr. R. He instructed R to open his luggage for inspection. Then he pointed to a certain plastic bag inside and wanted it to be unwrapped. I think he mentioned about the X-ray machine failing to screen the package. I was standing beside R and I was curious what it was all about. R unwrapped the plastic bag to reveal a second plastic bag. Then he unwrapped the second plastic bag to reveal a third plastic bag. Finally, after he unwrapped the third plastic bag the contents were revealed: briefs. Apparently R had brought enough supplies of briefs for the 2 weeks trip so that he need not do laundry. That also explained why R wrapped them with 3 layers of plastic bags. Upon seeing that, the officer released him. He did not even want to touch the briefs for a closer inspection.


We had a good laugh when we related this to the others who were waiting for us at the exit.


I would like to hear from you :D

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