National Jog/ Walk 1989

Massive running events were already organised in 1980s, though as not common as it is these days. I participated in the 1989 National Jog/ Walk. No prior registration was needed. No registration fee needed. No goodie bag either. My friends and I simply turned up at one of the starting points on that day. I did not expect so many people would be willing to get up so early on a Sunday morning for the event. At the registration booth, the staff handed us a lucky draw coupon each.


When the event started, we simply followed the crowd. There were traffic wardens along the route to keep us safe from the traffic. I remember seeing the army guys singing and running as in groups, in a rather orderly manner.


When I reached the end point, the national stadium, I passed the coupon to the staff. He tore one part of the coupon, and returned me the other half. And he also gave me a certificate of participation. The part he retained was meant for the lucky draw, but I did not stay to know the results. Looking at the size of crowd, the chances of winning a lucky draw prize seemed remote. The only thing I wanted to do was to grab a drink to quench my thirst. I have to admit the isotonic drink from the sponsor (no advertising intended) was really refreshing. Then it was muscle-ache for me for the next few days.


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