Abide in Christ


  • Abide in Christ is His command.
  • Abide in Christ prepares us to meet Him, and testify Him as the Coming One.


  • Abide in Christ is to trust Christ to do for us, and in us, and through us.
  • Abide in Christ is to be crucified with Him. The cross is where we are united: He shares our curse and dies for us; we share His blessing and receive His life.
  • Abide in Christ is to abide in His love.
  • Abide in Christ means keeping His commandments, just as Christ obeyed the Father’s commandments and abode in His love.


  • Abide in Christ is by faith, not by works, same as salvation is by faith, not by works.
  • Abide in Christ 1 day at a time. His grace and presence enjoyed this day will expel doubts whether we can entrust the next day to Him. Day by day, the days make up our life, a life abiding in Christ.
  • Abide in Christ now. Do it now.
  • Abide in Christ requires surrendering all that is of self (sin and unrighteousness). This is both a single step of a moment and a course of daily renewal.
  • Abide in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. No way to live a life of abiding without being filled with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is our teacher.
  • Abide in Christ requires a calm and restful soul that is silent unto God. It is only when the soul is still that God can do His work perfectly.
  • Abide in Christ needs consecration of ourselves to Him.
  • Abide in Christ just as Christ abides in the Father. Believers are revelation of Christ just as Christ is revelation of the Father. This is possible only if there is perfect unity between believers and Christ, like that of Christ and the Father.


  • Abide in Christ will lead to an intimate fellowship with God, revealing His love, power, glory, and wisdom. His wisdom will be given, and will guide us.
  • Abide in Christ is the way to a holy life. The measure of sanctification depends on the measure of abiding in Him. By our own, we will fail due to our evil nature.
  • Abide in Christ as our redemption delivers the soul from all fear of death, a spiritual victory over death.
  • Abide in Christ in times of trial because in Him we will find grace and consolation.
  • Abide in Christ and receive His spirit of love and compassion towards sinners, increasing the desire to be a blessing
  • Abide in Christ will teach us to pray according to God’s will, thus we ask what we will, and it will be given to us.
  • Abide in Christ will teach us to discern what will be for God’s glory, a condition for acceptable prayer.
  • Abide in Christ leads to a life of overflowing happiness; it is not a life of self-denial and of sadness.
  • Abide in Christ results in loving the brethren, even the most trying and unlovable of them. This act of love is a commandment and also the mightiest proof of Christianity.
  • Abide in Christ makes it possible to keep one from sinning because the presence of Christ keeps the sinful nature down. Believers whose life is a course of stumbling and sinning must know that a life in Christ can keep one from actual transgression as promised in 1John3:5,6
  • Abide in Christ and experience the fulfilment of every promise and blessing of the new covenant because Christ is the surety.



SOURCE: Abide in Christ (written by Andrew Murray)

Book review is available at https://zzzisle.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/book-review-abide-in-christ/


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