Book review: Abide in Christ

Title: Abide in Christ

Author: Andrew Murray

Publisher: Whitaker House

Most of us are familiar with “come unto Christ”, but maybe not so with “abide in Christ”. Andrew Murray likens this situation to standing at the doorsteps of the palace but not entering the palace to enjoy the blessings. In this book, he explains what it means to abide in Christ. This is a 31-day devotion with 31 articles on the theme “abide in Christ”. The objective of this book is to help Christians who have yet to comprehend the command “abide in Christ” or thought it is an impossible way of life.

Referencing various verses from the bible, some articles explain what it means to abide in Christ and the positive results of that. Some articles explain the relationship between the branch and the vine (referencing chapter 15 of the book of John). The author believes a wrong understanding of the command and not obeying that command are the main reasons why many Christians are not enjoying the full blessings of God. Hence he also clarifies some misconceptions regarding abiding in Christ. He also suggests ways on how one can abide in Christ. Certain points are mentioned repeatedly in the book as the author believes that by hearing the same point several times, it will get into the head.

I find the articles insightful, especially those explaining the relationship between the branch and the vine, eg the vine cannot bear fruit without the branch, and the fruit of the branch belongs to the vine. I have never viewed the relationship that way, so it was new knowledge for me.

PS: I borrowed this book from the church library. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.


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