Is your watch really shockproof?

There was once a classmate (let’s call him Y) challenged another classmate (let’s call him Z) to test whether his watch was really shockproof as the ad claimed. Without much thinking, Z took out his watch and let it drop to the floor. The watch was working fine when he picked it up. Y was not convinced, so Z took out his watch again. This time Z threw the watch hard on the floor as though he was venting his anger on the watch. We could hear a thud. I was thinking whether the watch survived this time. Then Z picked up the watch calmly. The watch was still working fine. It was at that point, all of us were convinced the claimed shockproof ability was indeed true.


PS: I am neither endorsing nor advertising any particular brand of watch. This is just a piece of old memory that I am sharing.


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