A lively History lesson

I remember one of the topics in my secondary school History lessons involved learning about the rise and fall of certain kingdoms. In one particular lesson, on the topic regarding the golden age of a particular kingdom, the teacher did something interesting. She identified a few characters who were the key players during that period. The characters identified were the king, the ex-premier who stepped down, the premier who led successful military conquests to expand the kingdom, the suzerain lord, and so on. Then she assigned some students to role-play those characters. Those characters had to convince the class why they were the most important contributor to the golden age. It was interesting to see those characters arguing their way around. It was also clear that some characters, or rather classmates, had strong supporters.


At one point during the debate, the “ex-premier” claimed that he laid the foundation and because he stepped down, thus his successor (referring to the “premier”) was able to take up the position, and also won battles, leading to the golden age. It drew an immediate rebuttal from the “premier” saying “If you are that good, why do you have to step down?” That drew applause from his supporters.


Sadly, this is the only lively History lesson I can recall. The teacher was transferred out after a few weeks, and the new teacher conducted the lessons using mainly the textbook and blackboard.






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