The trainee with tattoo

After my recruit training, I was posted to another unit for my army vocation training. The facilities in the unit were very bare. For example the bathing room was basically a row of shower-heads. There were neither cubicles nor doors, so everyone could see everyone’s body while bathing.


Once, after a night training that ended quite late, we were given 10 minutes to bath before lights off. We quickly rushed to the bathing room. Another group of trainees for another vocation were using the bathing room when we entered. One of them had a big tattoo on his body. Some of us expressed exclamation upon seeing his tattoo. They seemed overwhelmed by our presence and quickly left. The trainee with tattoo seemed embarrassed that we were staring at his tattoo. At that time, tattoos were associated with gangsters and those with tattoos were viewed as tough guys, so it was quite unexpected that the fellow felt shy of his tattoo.


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