The table tennis club

When I was in secondary school, I thought of joining the school’s table tennis club. I approached a classmate who was a member of the club. He arranged for me to meet the teacher-in-charge. So I went with him on their training day. The teacher asked me a few questions, and then she asked one of the members to have a game with me. I was a casual player playing table tennis for the fun of it. My opponent was one who was good enough to represent the school in tournaments. Needless to say, I was badly defeated, and my application was rejected.


I did not have lofty ambitions, such as to represent the school to win medals in tournaments. I thought the table tennis club was a place where I could play the game with schoolmates who loved the game. It seemed that the table tennis club, or rather the school, did not share the same thought.


2 thoughts on “The table tennis club

  1. I used to play table tennis with my brothers . .and it was fun. After getting married and playing with my hubby . .well, he was more like those guys you played with. haha! Kind of took the fun out of it for me! God bless you Z!


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