Seeing the deacon again

In Nov 2012, the congregation received news that a deacon was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It came as a shock to all of us because the deacon does not smoke and he leads a healthy lifestyle. The probability of recovery was low given the advanced growth of the tumors (the scan detected a few tumors, some big, some small).


From that day onwards, the congregation prayed for him and his family, for recovery and strength. From time to time we would receive updates regarding his condition. It was worrying to hear him getting thinner and weaker, and having persistent fevers. But his email to the congregation showed a strong faith in Jesus, even as he and his family were mentally prepared that he might not recover. In Jan 2013, we were told that his doctor said his body was responding well to the treatments. For once it was a positive update.


Today my spirit was lifted when I saw the deacon in church after a long absence. I believe the congregation feels the same way. He shared that he had completed the treatment sessions recently, and the medical report showed the tumors had either vanished or shrunk significantly. And he would be back to office tomorrow. I guess that means recovery.


Miracles do happen! All glory and praise to the LORD.


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