Invitation to church

Tom met Henry during a street evangelism activity. Henry was chilling out in the cafe with a cigarette when Tom approached him. Surprisingly he did not ask Tom to go away, like what some people did when Tom approached them. After Tom had shared the gospel with Henry, Henry expressed a willingness to know more. Tom was glad at Henry’s response, so he invited Henry to visit their church that Sunday.


After some hesitation, Henry said, “You know something, Tom? I would like to know God more but I doubt I am good enough to go to church. You see, I have many bad habits and my life is pretty messed up. Let me straighten out my life before I go to church.”


Tom looked at Henry and replied, “Henry, God accepts us for who we are and what we are. That is His grace. And if you can straighten out your life by yourself, then you have no need for God at all.”


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