Same scene, different responses

Chapter 23 of the book of Luke showed us the responses of the people when Jesus was on the cross.


  • Some women among the crowd wept [Luke 23:27]
  • The people in crowd were mocking Him [Luke 23:35]
  • The soldiers were also mocking Him [Luke 23:36]
  • One of the robbers nailed beside Him reviled Him [Luke 23:39]
  • The other robber nailed beside Him put his faith in Him [Luke 23:42]


All of them, present in the same scene, were looking at the same Jesus. Jesus at that point in time was bruised, wounded, in pain, nailed to the cross, and looking helpless. That was nothing at all to hint that He was the Savior or the King (except for that wooden plate which was intended as some sort of mockery). While most people were mocking Him, firmly believing that He was a fraud, yet that robber chose to put his faith in Him. I would say that robber had a faith greater than a mustard seed. And his reward was a personal assurance from Jesus on a place in heaven. I believe he did not regret his decision. I cannot say the same for the other robber who reviled Him.


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