The stained bible

Whenever Pastor Will takes out his bible, it would draw attention from strangers and newcomers. There is a crimson stain on his bible and a hole too. Pastor Will would explain that the bible is a gift from his wife, and a reminder of God’s grace.

Will used to be a gangster. He got into fights regularly. His wife, Grace, was a gentle woman. Will and Grace had been married for years. Everyday Grace would pray for Will’s safety, for him to quit the gang, and for Will to believe in Jesus. Will did not believe in all these. He was fearless. He trusted in his own hands, especially his fists.

One day while the couple was walking on the streets, Grace saw a man charging towards Will. He had a dagger in his hand. Grace shielded Will with her body. The dagger pierced through her handbag and was stuck in her chest, near the area of the heart. She was bleeding profusely and lost conscious on the way to the hospital. Will was fearful of losing his wife. The fearless gangster suddenly felt fearful.

Outside the emergency room, Will was crying. He loved Grace and did not want to lose her. In this time of fear, not knowing what to do, suddenly he recalled what Grace told him about God. He started praying.

The operation ended after a few hours. The doctor told him the good news: Grace survived. She was lucky that the dagger missed the heart by a few centimeters. The nurse passed Will Grace’s handbag. It was stained with blood. When Will checked the contents of the handbag, he saw a book also stained with blood and with a hole. It was apparent that the dagger had pierced through the handbag and that book, thus it missed Grace’s heart. He looked carefully at the book. It was the bible.

Looking at his wife laying on the hospital bed, Will vowed to quit the gang. The couple hugged and wept together. A few weeks later, Will was baptized.


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