The Father’s Cross


What was your Gethsemane?

And when …

And where …

Did you decide,

Against all heart and reson,

To abandon your beloved one?

And that for me –

Oh worthless substitute!


Like the piercings of a sword

We hear the cry,

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

“What love!” we say

And yet …

Was not the Savior’s piteous lament

A mere echo

Of that broken-hearted cry

Reverberating down the endless

Corridors of heaven,

“My Son, my Son,

“My beloved Son,

“Why have I forsaken you?”


No greater human love,

Christ taught, than when one gives his life.

But Father’s love explodes

Beyond the reach of

Highest, deepest, and most untamed

Flight of human thought –

God gave not life, but Son.

His only son.

For me …


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