Morris and his assignment

Morris was assigned to work undercover in a company to investigate the commercial crimes committed by the CEO. For many months, he worked as a marketing executive on the surface and tried to gather evidence. But he failed to gather concrete evidence. He strongly believed the evidence was stored in the computer of the CEO, but he had no access to it.


One day he was summoned to the CEO office to report on a certain project. Halfway through his reporting, the CEO received a call and walked out of the room. Seizing the chance, Morris walked to the desk. He saw a floppy disk in the drive. He did a quick check on the contents in the floppy disk. It was the evidence he needed. He took the floppy disk and went straight to the police station. He had gotten what he needed to complete his assignment.


Morris’ superior at the police station was very excited to receive the floppy disk. He quickly accessed the floppy disk to view the contents. He was happy to note that the contents were enough to arrest the CEO, but suddenly the screen went blank. They tried to reboot the computer, but it refused to boot. The computer experts were called in. After some troubleshooting, they reported that the floppy disk contained a malicious virus that had formatted the hard disk and the floppy disk itself. They were able to restore the hard disk but the floppy disk was no longer usable. At that moment, Morris and his superior realized that the CEO had laid a trap for Morris, and the contents in the floppy disk were probably bogus.


Lesson of this fictional story: always scan the floppy disk (or thumb drive) for virus, especially if they are from dubious sources.


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