Where did you go?

When I was in sec school, I was part of a uniform group. We had a contact list that listed our home numbers (it was an era before pagers, cell phones, and internet) to facilitate us to contact one another to disseminate information, eg if a certain activity was cancelled or brought forward. We usually had our activities on Saturday mornings, then after that, some would go home, while some would hang out somewhere in the neighborhood.


One day, on a Saturday afternoon after I reached home from the uniform group’s activity, I received a call from a woman. She identified herself as the mother of one of the guys (let’s call him X), and asked if I was with X. I said no. I think she also asked if I knew where X might be. I was not on close terms with X, so I also had no answer to that. She hung up and I did not think much about it.


On the following Saturday morning when we assembled for our activity, the platoon IC asked X where he was on the previous Saturday afternoon. It was then I realized that X’s mum had phoned almost everyone on the contact list on the previous Saturday afternoon. If I remember correctly, X’s face was flushed.


We know that our parents care for us, but we were at that age when we wanted more freedom, thus what X’s mum did did not go well with X. And I think the platoon IC could have been more tactful by asking him privately instead of asking him in front of everyone. The lesson we learnt was to inform our parents of our whereabouts if we were to reach home late.


3 thoughts on “Where did you go?

  1. 我也曾在制服部队里….我觉得那时教了我们要有规律与责任感!其实,即使我们已长大,在父母眼里,我们还是个”孩子”~他们仍会挂心!


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