Free internet access

Towards the year 2000, the use of internet in this city was rising steadily. In a bid to encourage more people to use the internet, the green Telco, a newcomer to the market at that time, introduced free dial-up services for internet. The red Telco, the main player in the market, followed shortly.

My family subscribed to the red Telco. So I received the starter kit in 2000. I was very excited as it allowed me to access the internet for free (I only needed to pay for the call charges for the duration of the connection) after installing the starter kit. It was a dial-up connection via a 56K modem, and sometimes connection could be quite bad and slow. Yet I preferred this to a paid internet service. I was a light user, and my main usage was to check emails. So it was rather pointless to subscribe to a paid internet service. Moreover, the internet content at that time was not as exciting – no blogging, no YouTube, no online gaming, no facebook.

In 2007, the green Telco ended their free internet access service. In 2008, the red Telco also ended the free internet access service.


4 thoughts on “Free internet access

    1. for almost 8 years LOL. in fact some of my friends who subscribed to the paid service, also used this free service when they hit the limit with their subscription.


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