A sport I picked up

A sport I picked up when I was a young boy, was badminton because the school introduced it to us during the physical education class. The equipment we needed was a racquet and a shuttlecock. Both were easily available. We did not get the expensive racquets, and moreover the technology for micro-carbon or titanium was either too expensive or not available.

During the physical education lesson, the teacher would divide us into 2 groups. One group would play while the other group would watch. The group that was playing would split into 2 rows. There would be a line (no net) acting as a divider, and we would just play the game with the classmate standing opposite. It was simply playing, and there was no counting of points. It was fun, having the shuttlecock to and fro. I kind of like the sound of the racquet hitting the shuttlecock. Then the 2 groups would change over after a while.

Of course we did not just play badminton during the physical education lesson. Some students would come earlier to school and play for a short while before the daily assembly or during recess. Sometimes after school, we would just play the game at the void deck or any open space we could find, after finishing our homework of course, else my mum would not even let me out of the house.

To me badminton is a recreational activity. I play for the fun of it, not for competition. In any case, my standard for the game is too way low to even qualify for a tournament.


One thought on “A sport I picked up

  1. I used to love to play badminton too! Just in the yard with my friends and then some with my oldest daughter. We put a lot of shuttlecocks in the house gutter! haha! Thanks for the memories!


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