What am I living for?

Since young, Ben always dreamt of staying in a condominium because he wanted the free access to the facilities such as spa, gym, swimming pool and so on. When he graduated from college, he took up a job as an insurance agent. He worked very hard, and within a few years, he saved enough to pay for the down payment of a condominium unit. It was his dream house. It has the facilities he always wanted. Ben was very happy when he got the keys to the unit.


The tradeoff was he needed to work doubly hard to repay the housing loan he had taken from the bank. He worked so hard that he had no social life, no proper meals, and no proper rest. Eventually he fell sick. Lying on the hospital bed, he asked himself, “What am I living for? Why am I slogging my guts out for a house that I do not get to enjoy except for the bedroom? I bought the condominium unit because I wanted to use the facilities but I rarely got to use them as I was busy working. And all that I have earned goes to repaying the housing loan. Is it worth it?


4 thoughts on “What am I living for?

  1. That is the situation of majority of people all over the world;
    it is a shame. God made provision for rest, but people threw out of the
    window and end up in misery, pain and death.


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