Ah Chng’s immersion ceremony

I arranged to meet Ah Koh at the church 15 minutes before the service was scheduled to start. He was already there when I arrived. When we reached the worship hall, we saw some of the immersion candidates (identified by the blue robe), including Ah Chng, taking a group photo. I thought of having a short chat with Ah Chng but she had quite a few friends with her and they were queuing to take photos with her. Her beloved husband used a DSLR, so I believe those photos should turn out well. Ah Chng was the first in the queue to get into the fish tank. After a summary of less than 100 words of her testimony, and a confirmation of her faith, she was immersed. I think her husband probably took a video of the ceremony. The church has chosen a life verse for her: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. [John 14:6]


The shock of the day came when I saw the speaker. He was an army friend whom I have not seen for years. I knew him to be a Christian back in the army days. But he was the quiet type so it was a shock to see him on the stage preaching. Considering that he is not a pastor, I must say his knowledge of the faith is good – good enough for the church leaders to let him preach to the congregation.


The congregation also observed the Holy Communion. Ah Koh confirmed that they drank red wine instead of grape juice. I was very tempted to ask him if anyone ever got drunk.


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