Affliction and deliverance

When Job’s friends heard of Job’s plight, some of them visited him. Eliphaz was one of them. In his dialogue with Job, he told Job about chastening by the LORD, and reminded him about deliverance in times of trouble.

In famine He will redeem you from death, And in war from the power of the sword. You will be hidden from the scourge of the tongue, And you will not be afraid of violence when it comes. You will laugh at violence and famine, And you will not be afraid of wild beasts. For you will be in league with the stones of the field, And the beasts of the field will be at peace with you. You will know that your tent is secure, For you will visit your abode and fear no loss. You will know also that your descendants will be many, And your offspring as the grass of the earth. You will come to the grave in full vigor, Like the stacking of grain in its season. Behold this; we have investigated it, and so it is. Hear it, and know for yourself. [Job 5:20-27]

In life, we can expect troubles. We can see from the passage above that though we might face disasters or troubles, the LORD will deliver us. Matthew Henry reminded us in his commentary that “as afflictions and troubles recur supports and deliverances shall be graciously repeated.” Living in difficult times, we should all the more remember this.


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