Jeroboam: a negative example

Jeroboam received blessings from the LORD and became king over 10 tribes of Israel, establishing a kingdom free from Jerusalem. When he became king, he made 2 gold calves and told the people to worship those idols. He also designated places of worship for fear that his subjects might defect to Judah when they offered sacrifices at Jerusalem. He even appointed priests according to his liking. These evil acts are recorded in 1Kings 12:25-33. In short, he was setting up a religion to replace the worship of the LORD, turning the people away from the LORD, and he had made himself the leader of that new religion. Faced with a warning from a man of God, he did not repent.


Ironically, when his son fell sick, he asked his wife to look for the prophet to inquire of the LORD. Why did he not seek help from those 2 gold calves that he had declared as gods of Israel? Apparently he was aware that the 2 gold calves were powerless. I wonder what the people thought when they learnt of this.


Friends, please do not learn from this man – ungrateful and a deceiver.


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